Avoiding war 3

3. září 2016 v 13:38 | Dreyonea |  Poviedky
Varovanie: Vulgarizmy, narážky na sex, krv a násilie, plus môj veľmi zlý zmysel pre humor
Jazyk: angličtina
-You can stay here as long as you need, only I'd like you to not show up much. People from nearby villages come here for their medicine and they won't be as nice to you as me,- she said after dinner.

-We are grateful for your generousity. We'd like to stay for a night and then go back where we belong. Right, Telvran? Telvran!-

-Wha- yeah, fine.-

Telvran's theory was only half correct. Granny indeed was a witch, a powerful one, and she already knew how long those two'll stay. Definitely not one night.

Eraandil was already in bed, ready to get some sleep while Telvran was examining his bed, circling it like it was about to bite him. Finally he sat down, turning his head to the other elf.

-You said that mages taste terrible, I've never heard about that.-

Telvran groaned initially not answering in hope that the white haired man will take the hint. Yet something deep inside of him couldn't just leave without last word. Later he regretted.

-Why don't you taste fo' yourself? Eh, Eraandil- What the fuck?! NO! Let go, you big piece of ash lizard! No! Don't!- Telvran squirmed, squiggled and tried to do other movements starting with sq-, however Eraandil was stronger and he immobilized the redhead without trouble. Then he licked him. First lick was just a quick touch of his cheek, but the second... -Not there! That's... oh... my ears're sensitive, stop that!-

-You lied.-


-Either you're no mage or mages do taste good.-

-Fuck you,- Telvran managed between moans.
He tried to sound angry, but his own body betryed him. His back arched enough for Eraan to put his arm under shorter man, pressing them together.

-Wait. Waitwaitwaitwait. Eraan!-

Fair elf ceased all his advances, listening.

-Do we really want to do this? We're not so far from Dwarven mountains, at the utmost four days, after we cross them we'll be ennemies again.-

-We don't need to pack tomorrow, maybe we can offer some help around the house so we won't just parasite here.-

Telvran actually considered this suggestion, mostly because his pants were really tight at the moment.

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