Avoiding war 2

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Varovanie: Vulgarizmy, krv a násilie, plus môj veľmi zlý zmysel pre humor
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Telvran handed slightly modified text from their soldier encounter to the old woman, then he started writing another one.

We met a group of six human males dressed as soldiers who roped us up and took us to Whitetown, where they wanted to sell us as slaves to some rich noble. At least the slavers gave us some food, otherwise we would possibly die. However the buyer didn't like us, Eraandil was too tall and scarred and altogether ugly. I didn't quite understand why he refused me, but I'm still offended. Also I didn't get what happened next, but I concluded that the apparent noble was actually real soldier, beacuse when the slavers wanted to start making problems, their den was invaded by small army of shiny knights. We saw our chances, took our gear back and ran. Now we're here, we come in peace and all that stuff.

It turned out that Dark elves'd adjusted to the life near volcano and their bodies didn't particulary like cold humid climates. Telvran'd been shivering since they left the first human city they'd ever visited, even though he wore four layers of clothes plus Eraandil's captain cloak.

-Would you mind moving your fat ass?-

Her toothless grin even widened as she was bringing them their meals and the taller elf slapped the smaller one on the shoulder. The redhead had to apologize to both of them and they took it, even though he was clearly not sorry at all.

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1 Simona Gray Simona Gray | Web | 14. srpna 2016 v 19:54 | Reagovat

Awwwwww, my cute little redhaired elf, his tall boyfriend and a witch :3

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