Avoiding war 1

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Mala som silnú potrebu písať o elfoch, ale slová akosi zo mňa nešli, tak som sa rozhodla urobiť sériu polo-komiksov, polo-textov.

Varovanie: Vulgarizmy, krv a násilie, plus môj veľmi zlý zmysel pre humor
Jazyk: angličtina

It was a nice day. The sky was clear blue and the slight breeze was really refreshing. Yes, of course, the giant pile of dead bodies was kind of spoiling the pretty scenery... and those cries of wounded men didn't help either. Also, just few meters beneath me was hanging another man, quite possibly about to disappear in vast yawning abyss from nightmares.
How should I explain my situation? Perhaps I should start from the very beginning.
My full name is Telvran Selethyn, I was born in the capital city of Ilhadryn, also known as the Land of Dark elves. The city appeared utterly picturesque with everything painted gray or black and with giant spiky towers piercing the sky always hidden by ash clouds from nearby volcano. Yes, very pleasant.

I come from poor family that lived in slums, nevertheless after many years I actually managed to enter University and finish my studies as a mage. To be frank, I've never been good sorcerer, at very best average, however I was cunning, desperate and pretty much willing to to anything.
Then the War broke out and our flawless government sent me to fight for our land that'd been usurped by heinous Fair elves. None questioned if those three farms really used to belong to us. Neither did I, if I did I wouldn't be proper Dark elf.
We are raised as soldiers from birth, our origin is unimportant, it's our duty to learn how to fight, how to survive, we are doing this for... what? Why are we doing this? This is the first war after hundreds of years, all dangerous beasts ran away from Ilhadryn when the volcano woke up, for what all the generations of Dark elves were training? This? This bloody stupid war? Or for what'll come after? I'm sorry, I got carried away, you wanted to know about that chasm.
The battlefield was horrible, the stench of death rolled even to our camp located on the other side of hill. My job was to make sure our troops won't get killed by enemy's magic before they arrive to the battle. It was actually relaxing, I sat on a tree and held up our barrier. The big plus was the fact I didn't have to really fight, you know, I avoided all that cutting, burning, gutting and biting. For the first month at least.
Then the magic started to act... strangely. It begun as little things vanishing into thin air, or tiny sparks in the hair. Oh, that rhymed... We didn't pay much attention to the signs, it was simply explained as the remnants from the fight. Of course, it went down to the crapper from there.
Our ranks thinned as well as Fair elves', so our commanders decided to sent out every last of our men, me included. I want to forget what happened there. You see, that young blond elf was my first. I just.. plunged my dagger into his stunning blue eye, his blood began to pour everywhere and it made me sick. I thought I'd see my breakfast again when the ground shook. Soon after small rupture occured, quickly growing into that giant hole I already mentioned.
If I remember right, Eraan (He's called Valimarcoindil Arinecalmo Eraandil, just wanted to mention it. I don't get their fancy long names.) comes here to the scene, jumping to help his dying comrade. He tried to throw him away from the sudden rift, although all effort came in vain. Body of the blond elf fell first, followed by Eraan, next I stumbled and joined them.
This is it. I grabbed some root sticking out of wall, the living Fair elf achieved the same. Then the top of our pit closed, leaving us in complete darkness. That's the moment when he shouted at me about the ledge between us and after a little hassle he made me jump down, then help him up.
The piece of rock, that saved us, was part of some long corridor that was destroyed by newly formed chasm, so we agreed to a temporary peace and decided to explore what seemed to be our only way out. Turned out we entered old dwarven quarry (thanks ancestors we didn't meet any dwarves). Next few hours, maybe even days, we were wandering around. As you can see, we were lucky and got out only halfstarved. Then we got lost in the woods and you found us.

Telvran put away borrowed pen and smiled at the human soldier. He tried to move as slowly and carefully as possible. With every less prudent motion sharp swords shifted closer to his face.

-You wrote them whole novel... You think they'll understand it?- Eraandil seemed to be more than distressed.

-I've studied human culture and written languages for 10 years, if they won't understand and show mercy... we're fucked.-

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